Windows 10 Insider Build 17639 Preview with ISO File

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17623 ISO

What’s New Windows 10 Insider in Build 17639 For PC

New features in Microsoft Edge

Giving you more control over closing tabs in Windows 10 Insider: Building on our work in Build 16251, we’ve updated Microsoft Edge to ensure the X in the tab band is always available to close a tab, even when a JavaScript (i.e. alert, prompt, etc.) dialog is showing within Microsoft Edge. Additionally, closing the Edge window always remains an available option. You can also access many browser capabilities (i.e. favorites bar, settings, etc.) while a dialog is showing.
Making it easier to move from another browser: Users can now migrate Cookies and Settings from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, which will make it easier for users to make the move to Microsoft Edge as their primary browser.

More EPUB improvements in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Insider

Copy and Ask Cortana: Now, when you select your text, you can Copy and Ask Cortana in addition to adding notes, highlighting and underlining. Cortana can help you do a little research while you’re reading an EPUB book!

Cortana + search inn Windows 10 Insider

Taskbar + Action center in Windows 10 Insider

  • The arcrylic is now more transparent
  • The Action center now uses the XAML scrollbar
  • The sound flyout now allows you to enable Spatial sound directly
  • The overflow area in the People flyout has now text to make it clear that people listed there are pinned
  • The “Switch apps”-button is now a hamburger-icon
  • Right-clicking the taskbar will now show an option to enable or disable My People
  • Richt-clicking “Open Network and Sharing Center” now opens “Network & Internet Settings”

User Interface of Windows 10 Insider

  • UIs that use ListView and other XAML collection controls will now use Reveal by default

File Explorer

  • Files can now be shared from the context menu
  • “Share with” has been renamed “Give access to” in the context menu

Fixed issues in

Windows 10 Insider

  • swiping over the touch keyboard may cause the keyboard to move
  • the Japanese keyboard would require multiple taps on “Delete” before a character or phrase would be deleted
  • where disabling suggestions and disabling “add a space after I choose a text suggestion” did not work
  • he Pinyin IME candidate window would not show in Edge Windows 10 Insider
  • that prevented pen users from moving Win32 app windows up and down by dragging the tile bar
  • where the point erase would use coordinates that were slightly off
  • the issue “Copy Link” option in Edge did not work Windows 10 Insider
  • number of reliability issues in Edge
  • Edge would fail to open a PDF on refresh
  • Edge would fail to fit a PDF for certain books in Windows 10 Insider
  •  Pinned Sites from Edge would not show the correct favicon in Edge
  • scaling of higher than 100% would result in the hit target being offset when iteracting with some parts of the shell
  • IMAP account such not syncing with the Mail App
  •  that resulted in Windows Defender Security Center to be unable to configure and list Controlled folder access, Threat History and Exclusion lists in Windows 10 Insider
  • ppoor text rendering on some machines when Magnifier was running with bitmap smoothing enabled
  •  Windows Defender Security Center icon would appear stretched in its tile in Windows 10 Insider
  • Fixes an issue that caused some apps to show a progress bar on their tile wen not needed
  • where explorer.exe would use a high amount of CPU when some apps are running in Windows 10 Insider
  • Groove Music’s mini view player would reset its location to default when using File Explorer to play music in Groove in Windows 10 Insider
  •  some apps like Tweetium would not render correctly
  • notifications asking you to enter tablet mode would not work in Windows 10 Insider
  • where the mouse response might appear erratic on some devices when playing gmaes with Raw Input disabled
  • where the insertion point of the mouse cursor appears white for some Insiders in Windows 10 Insider
  • Windows Error Dialog no longer shows “Opening a portal to another dimension”
  • PC Games using Origin overlay where the use of overlay may cause the game movement to lock up

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17623 ISO


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