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Creating three-dimensional designs AutoCAD Raster Design editing and analyzing projects that include raster graphics is a serious endeavor which requires specialized utilities and experience in this field. Among the dedicated tools that can be used for these purposes, one of the most sought after is AutoCAD Raster Design.
Clean GUI and ribbon layout for quick access
Just like most of the members of the AutoCAD family, this software solution is packed with features and the abundance of functions it sports has to be well organized, otherwise the users will have a difficult time in getting to terms with the application.
Neatly structured in categories with relevant labels, all the commands can be easily accessed from their corresponding tabs. Also, there are numerous areas, like the right-side pane or the buttons placed in the lower part of the main window, from where essential functions can be used.
Numerous tools with detailed configurations
Inside AutoCAD Raster Design you will come across many editing features, so you will be able to merge images and vectors, for example. Also, it is possible to perform lots of cleanup actions like deskewing, despeckeling, mirroring or inverting images in order to make them smoother or otherwise suited for your project.
Cropping regions of the loaded file and removing various elements can be done as well and for these roles there are lots of functions to play with. Inside this package you will find advanced tools like ‘Smart Pick’, ‘Raster Under Vector’ and image processing options as well, which include filters, color depth adjustments and many more.
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) abilities of this program are well represented, so you can have it recognize text and tables just as easily.
Impressive array of features for advanced users
On the whole, AutoCAD Raster Design can be reckoned among the best choices in its category thanks to the solid pack of functions and tools that are part of the package. Not too easy to use as it demands solid knowledge in CAD drawing and raster creation, this software solution is clearly one for the very experienced users.
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AutoCAD Raster Design

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